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Verified Accommodations

For Pisos Mosby security is one of the main pillars to find the perfect accommodation for university students. That is why we are committed to provide a simple but effective security method. We don’t just ask for the mail and telephone number of each of the landlords to have a first approach. Actually, we only verify the properties if we have visited them and seen that they really exist. Moreover, when we go to each of the apartments we take profesional photos so you can clearly see how the accommodation is going to be before arriving to the flat. With this method we ensure that every flat exist and that our users are not scammed.

We keep your money safe

Whether you are a university student or a landlord we know that you use Pisos Mosby to find the best offers and save some money to spend them on holidays, new car or future plans. As we know that we want to tell you that you don’t need to worry. We make sure that your money is safe in the whole process and we even have a reimbursement criteria. From the first moment that you work with Pisos Mosby we will make sure that any payment about any of the flats in our webpage gets where it does.

If you are Student: We are not going to give your first rent or deposit made through Pisos Mosby until you haven’t check that the flat is really how it was seen in the webpage. Actually, if you get to the flat or room doesn’t match with the definition and photographies we have previously shown you, you will have until 2 days to contact us if the flat or room and ask for a reimbursement or look for a new flat for equal or superior conditions (according to the limits that Pisos Mosby will offer for each occasion). This will also be applicable if the landlord of the room or student flat decides to cancel the booking before the arrival of the student accommodation.

If you are a landlord: We are not ever going to ask you to book any flat until we haven’t recieved the payment form the students. Once the students have booked the accommodation we will keep the students payment as a debt we have with you. As soon as the students get to your apartment and check that everything is as it is supposed to be we are going to send you the payment or deposit just two days after the student has reached the accommodation.


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