About us

“Created by and for students”

Our mission

PisosMosby is the fruit of a project that started in mid 2013. It differs from other room searchers because it was thought for and by students. Our committment is to make the difficult and ardous task of looking up and finding the right flat or/and flatmate easier for anyone in the university community. We have been through the same situation and want to simplify your life. If you are looking for a student flat in Pamplona to share with other students, PisosMosby is definitely the solution to all your problems.

Our values

At PisosMosby we want everyone to feel like at home. We firmly believe in the capacity of people to change the world through their daily actions. This portal wants to put its two cents worth and make one step further to achievinge this challenging goal. We know that this is a harsh economic times and that is why we have started this platform to help users to enjoy the best flats at the best prices.


Student apartments close to the University of Navarra and UPNA

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We study in Pamplona and we know where the best student apartments are.

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Our team verifies all the property listings

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